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We are always there for you literally

Getting to know someone takes time. And your time is precious. That's why we have a flexible home and office service available - worldwide.

At Atelier Verto, the client always comes first, and our ideology is never to cut corners.

We will always try to adapt to your schedule and let you choose the time and the place for our meetings.

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Elegance never goes out of style

At Atelier Verto we are dedicated to creating timeless designs rather than just passing trends.

We believe that handcrafted garments are, and always have been, a hallmark of elegance, class, and individuality. Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the unique experience of the ancient art of tailoring in the 21st century.

Our ultimate goal is to create unique clothes and accessories that will reflect your style and taste, making you feel comfortable and confident in every situation.

custom made suits Zurich

Get ready to turn heads!

Simple and inspiring, your bespoke journey at Atelier Verto usually starts with a style consultation. Unless you know exactly what you want, together we will go through your fashion preferences, your lifestyle, the occasion your outfit will be for, other garments in your wardrobe and more.

Next, we will take your measurements and walk you through the two most important, exciting and enjoyable steps of the bespoke process – choosing from our large collection of high quality, natural fabrics and options to customise every detail.

Based on your choices, wishes and needs, as well as your build and shape, our experienced Italian artisans will bring your vision to life.

After your garment is delivered back to our Atelier, we will arrange a first fitting. It's all about fine-tuning at this point, and soon we will have your new bespoke outfit ready for one final fitting, after which you get to present it to the world. Exceptionally designed and wonderfully unique. Just like you.

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Discover the ultimate bespoke experience

Atelier Verto’s personalized service dedicates to delivering a one-of-a-kind, exclusive experience. Tailored to your individual requirements, our intimate private shows and consultations will help us get to know you better.